Crack Filling

As strange as this may sound, we take crack filling very seriously.  This is because it is arguably the single-most important and effective preservation step we offer; even moreso than seal coating.  Keeping water out of the pavement structure is crucial.



1. Cracks are mechanically swept and blown clean prior to filling. Although laborious, this preparatory step is critical as it a) creates a clean surface for product adhesion and b) creates the needed reservoir for product to enter into


2. Cracks are then filled using industry-leading Crafco SuperShot systems. This machine, utilized by our own state Department of Transportation, is superior over traditional pour-pot methods because the positive pump pressure forces more material into the crack and allows for greater precision.


Hot Crack Filling at Ferndale School

We take pride in our ability to repair parking lots and driveways that many would argue are beyond repair.  Due to the ever-increasing cost of re-paving, we find that more and more pavement owners simply want to maintain what they currently have, and we enable them to do just that.