M & M Asphalt Maintenance uses top grade commercial sealer to protect and beautify your driveway or parking lot

Pavement consists of stones, sands, and asphalt cement binder.  The binder acts as a glue to hold these aggregates together, but unfortunetaly oxidizes out when exposed to sun, rain, snow, and other elements.  Oxidized pavement is gray in color -- not the original black when the pavement still contained asphalt cement binder.

With no binder, the pavement becomes brittle -- resulting in cracks, alligatored areas, and potholes. Cracks permit water seepage, which will freeze, thaw, and spall away the asphalt, eventually forming potholes.  Combine this deterioration with harmful chemicals such as vehicle fluids and salts, and the life of pavement decreases drastically.

Fortunately, a simple solution exists.  Sealcoating provides a durable layer between pavement and harmful elements.  It also works as a glue for small-scale cracking.  However, it is NOT a solution for large cracks (see crackfilling) and is considered a preventative maintenance that is required every few years.
The concept is similar to, and just as necessary as, staining a deck or painting steel. By sealcoating on a regular basis with our material, the life of your asphalt can be doubled.


M & M Asphalt uses a top grade commercial sealer.  Sand is added to increase the solid content and traction, and polymer modifiers are added to increase flexibility and durability.  It is a clay-stabilized emulsion that resists chemicals, oils, fuels, and grease. This performance mixture, nothing like what you buy from Lowes or Home Depot, is proven to be the longest lasting, most durable and abrasion resistant sealer on the market.

Application Method

Sealcoat is generally applied using a specialized, hydraulic-operated spray machine.  This advanced sprayer is used because it enables us to apply a smooth, brushless, consistent coat of sealer, and it accomplishes superior penetration into the asphalt pores.


In addition to protecting pavement, sealcoating compliments a property and enhances parking lines.  The final product beautifies the material with a vivid, rich color that lasts for years.



  • Sealcoating is a preventative maintenance and is required every few years

  • Sealcoating protects against sun, rain, chemicals, and freezing and thawing

  • Gray and oxidized pavement still benefits from sealcoating -- the sealer reinstills binder into the pavement

  • Sealcoating is NOT a solution to large cracks - other companies make this claim in order to avoid the involved process of correctly filling cracks and "save you money" when actually they're wasting it by not properly repairing the broken asphalt

  • Spraying provides a thick, even coat and a brushless finish

  • Sealcoating beautifies pavement -- offsetting landscaping or striping, and making it look freshly paved


Now that you understand the importance of sealcoating, let's address a few common questions among pavement owners.

I thought sealer was sealer; what make's M & M's material better than others?

All sealers are not the same.  Although commercial grade sealer is not advertised to last any specific duration, because so many un-measurable factors influence lifespan, a test that equalized those factors would reveal that some sealers way outlasts others.  Differences in type and composition affect material properties such as hardness, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, and bond strength.  M & M uses a very specific sealer, less common because of its avaliability.

Who should I believe when everyone claims their material is the best?


It is only natural to assume every company will boast his/her material as being the "best on the market".  These individuals should be challenged to provide evidence supporting their statement. M&M Asphalt supports their statement by supplying the following photographs:


Inferior sealers after two years.







M & M Asphalt's product after two years.

This lot, in Richland PA, that was done in July of 2007. Pictures taken May, 2009.


M & M Asphalt's product after one year.

University Church of God, Johnstown PA. Sealcoated in June, 2008. Picture taken May, 2009.






M & M Asphalt's product freshly completed.


As you can see, M & M Asphalt Maintenance can insure you receive maximum longevity from your sealcoating investment.

If you would like more information on any of these photographs or to talk to the property owners for clarification, please contact M & M.