Decorative Stamped Asphalt

M & M Specializes in decorative stamped asphalt -- giving your existing pavement the look of real hand-laid brick, at a fraction of the cost, by implementing pattern inlays and color coatings

Decorative Stamped Asphalt... What is it?

Ordinary asphalt is imprinted (stamped) using a welded wire rope template configured as a grid pattern that replicates the look of hand laid brick. There are two methods of stamping using a template: (1) New asphalt application, and (2) Re-heat existing asphalt using the precise reciprocating heater system. Either option, the asphalt has to be warm within a specific temperature and pliable to accommodate the template and achieve the proper imprint. After the template is depressed into the asphalt, it is removed carefully. This process is repeated until completion. The final step is to apply the two-part epoxy coating system which protects the pavement and simulates the color and texture of real brick.

What are the Benefits?

Asphalt has a continuous surface which inhibits weed growth, erosion, shifting problems associated with freeze, thaw and vehicle movement. Asphalt is more flexible and repairable than other systems and resists cracking. Overall cost is dramatically less than other methods offering a similar look, thus making stamped asphalt a more cost-effective option.


The results of M & M's Stamp & Color system are beautiful driveways that compliment homes and landscapes and are protected by the super durable UltraBond colorant; a high performance epoxy that protects asphalt for up to 8 years before needing a recoat.



Many pattern options are avaliable and custom design layouts are endless.  The professionals from M & M meet with their potential Stamped Asphalt Customers to discuss these color, pattern, and design options, providing expertise and recommendations on how our products can enhance your property's appearance.

Some of the template options are shown below.

Some text and photo information provided by Greg Larson, Therm-O-Track Inc.